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Your website was fantastic in enabling me to diagnose the problem with my kitchen aid and then buy the right part. Our KitchenAid blender has been out of action for quite a while and I am so grateful to have it working again. Thank you.
-Kate Jefferson
As a long time owner of the Kitchenaid magnastart disposer I have been looking for a replacement handpiece. Unable to locate one I put together some pieces that will work. I bought some small magnets and with special marine use glue, I glued them on the end of some chopsticks!! Or if you have a larger magnet and know where to safely locate the magnet you can cautiously hold the magnet at the right location and while running the water watch it work!!!
-Nancy Fleischer
100 West Juniper Lane, Chagrin Falls, Ohio 44022


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KitchenAid Handheld Mixers - KHM5T

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W10490651 KitchenAid HOOK-DOUGH

Price: £22.49

W10490651 KitchenAid HOOK-DOUGH


Found in these categories:

  • Will Fit the following(click to expand list)
        • KitchenAid 9-SPEED HAND MIXER

          • KHM9212CA0 (Candy Apple)
          • KHM9212MS0 (Medallion Silver)
          • KHM9212WH0 (White)
          • KHM9212OB0 (Onyx Black)
          • 5KHM9212EOB0 (Onyx Black)
          • 5KHM9212EER0 (Empire Red)
          • 5KHM9212EAC0 (Almond Creme)
          • 5KHM9212ECU0 (Contour Silver)
          • 5KHM9212BER0 (Empire Red)
          • 5KHM9212BAC0 (Almond Creme)
          • 5KHM9212BCU0 (Contour Silver)
          • 5KHM9212BOB0 5KHM9212SER0 5KHM9212SCU0 5KHM9212SOB0 5KHM9212SAC0
          • KHM926WH0 (White)
          • KHM926OB0 (Onyx Black)
          • KHM926ER0 (Empire Red)
          • KHM926CU0 (Contour Silver)
          • KHM926CA0 (Candy Apple)
          • KHM926ES0 (Espresso)
          • KHM926MS0 (Medallion Silver)
          • KHM926ACA0 (Candy Apple)
          • KHM926ACS0 (Cocoa Silver)
          • KHM926AES0 (Espresso)
          • KHM926AFP0 (Frosted Pearl)
          • 5KHM926AWH0 (White - Australian)
          • 5KHM926AOB0 (Onyx Black - Australian)
          • 5KHM926AER0 (Empire Red - Australian)
          • 5KHM926APK0 (Pink - Australian)
          • 5KHM926AAC0 (Almond Creme - Australian)
          • 5KHM926ACB0 (Cranberry - Australian)
          • 9KHM926WH0 (White - Japan)
          • 9KHM926ER0 (Empire Red - Japan)
          • 9KHM926TG0 (Tangerine - Japan)
          • 9KHM926OB0 (Onyx Black - Japan)
          • 5KHM926ACU0
          • KHM7211QTG0
          • KHM7211QGA0
          • KHM7211QOB0
          • KHM7211QER0
          • KHM7211QWH0
          • KHM7211QBW0
          • KHM7211QMY0
          • KHM7211QCB0
          • KHM7211QGC0
          • KHM7212QGA0
          • KHM7212QER0
          • KHM7212QBW0
          • KHM7212QCU0
          • KHM7212QIC0
          • KHM7212QTG0
          • KHM7212QGC0
          • KHM7212QBY0
          • KHM7212QMY0
          • KHM7212QOB0
          • KHM926QTG0
          • KHM926QCL0
          • KHM926QOB0
          • KHM926QCB0
          • KHM926QMY0
          • KHM926QWH0
          • KHM926QER0
          • KHM926QGA0
          • KHM926QGC0
          • KHM926QBY0
          • KHM926QIC0
          • KHM929CU0

Please email us or contact us if you would like to confirm whether this part will fit your machine.

  • EAN: 5055697504251
  • MPN: W10490651
  • Produced by: K A Parts Limited
  • Brand: KitchenAid

This part is currently out of stock. We receive new stock on a regular basis. Sometimes though, parts we usually stock are on backorder with our suppliers.

Please email us or contact us for more information.


Replacement dough hooks (includes left and right) for KitchenAid 9 speed hand mixer

  • Will fit: KHM926WH0 (White) KHM926OB0 (Onyx Black) KHM926ER0 (Empire Red) KHM926CU0 (Contour Silver) KHM926CA0 (Candy Apple) KHM926ES0 (Espresso) KHM926MS0 (Medallion) KHM926ACA0 KHM926ACS0 (Cocoa) KHM926AES0 KHM926AFP0 (Frosted Pearl) 5KHM926AWH0 (- Australian) 5KHM926AOB0 5KHM926AER0 5KHM926APK0 (Pink) 5KHM926AAC0 (Almond Creme) 5KHM926ACB0 (Cranberry) 9KHM926WH0 (Japan) 9KHM926ER0 9KHM926TG0 (Tangerine) 9KHM926OB0 KHM9212CA0 KHM9212MS0 KHM9212WH0 KHM9212OB0 5KHM9212EOB0
  • Will fit: 5KHM9212EER0 5KHM9212EAC0 5KHM9212ECU0 5KHM9212BER0 5KHM9212BAC0 5KHM9212BCU0
  • Backed by technical support from K A Parts Limited. K A Parts will be happy to assist with confirming the correct part. The most effective way is to send photographs of the failed part. If you no longer have the part, please send photos of what you do have or where the part should go.

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Price: £22.49 Out of stock
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