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Great service gentlemen! Once more, thank you for your impressive attention and wish you all the best with business.
-H Melikov
Tallinn, ESTONIA
Excellent Service ! So pleased to find a company whose staff have all the expertise and patience to be able to help the customer. I got my product super fast and will definitely bookmark this company in my favourites !! thanks
-Angela Greenhalgh
Wales, United Kingdom


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Mixer 5qt Tool Beater Burnished KSMC50B 3177260

Price: £19.99


3177260 KitchenAid Mixer Beater 5qt Burnished KSMC50B


 This is a genuine original replacement part for Kitchen Aid Mixers. Also known as 243358NSF
Replacement burnished (uncoated) flat beater.  Perfect for mixing cake batter, cookie dough, and more. Handwash only.

Fits 5qt mixers only

This spare part is made by Whirlpool in the US for Kitchenaid. This beater will fit Kitchen Aid mixer models with a 5qt bowl:

  • K5
  • K5A
  • K5SS
  • KSM5
  • KP50
  • KPM5
  • KSM50P
  • KG25G
  • KG25H
  • KH25

This part has been known in the past as

  • Beater, Flat 240235-4
  • Beater, Flat KSMC50S Model 4176045
  • Beater, Flat Professional Mdl. 4176182

The following part is functionally similar

  • Mixer 5qt Tool Beater White Plastic Coated 9707670

The following part numbers are also used to describe this part

  • Will Fit the following(click to expand list)

          • KSMC50
          • SOLID
          • STATE

          • KSMC50S-1
        • KitchenAid 5QT Stand Mixer

          • KSMC50SPL

Please email us or contact us if you would like to confirm whether this part will fit your machine.

More information and other places to buy Mixer 5qt Tool Beater Burnished KSMC50B 3177260

  • EAN: 0050946032436
  • MPN: 3177260
  • Manufactured by: K A Parts Limited
  • Brand: KA PARTS

This part is currently out of stock. We receive new stock on a regular basis. Sometimes though, parts we usually stock are on backorder with our suppliers.

Please email us or contact us for more information.

Postage as low as £7.49

We charge for postage and packing based on the weight of the items in your basket. If this is the only item in your basket and you want delivery to an address in the UK the shipping should be no more than £7.49.

Other shipping options

Shipping serviceCost
UK mainland standard (Royal Mail and courier) £7.49
UK courier (incl Royal Mail special delivery) £8.99
International signed for / Airsure Europe £11.99
Europe (including Ireland) £12.99
International delivery outside Europe £12.99
International signed for / Airsure outside Europe £15.99
UK 24 hour (sent same day if ordered before 10am) £19.99

Replacement burnished (uncoated) beater for KitchenAid professional Bowl lift stand mixer (KPM50, K5, etc)

  • For professional use, does not have white coating. Hand wash only.
  • Fits KitchenAid Models starting with KPM5, KPM50, K5 5K5, 5KS, K50, 5KPM5, 5KPM50
  • Will fit: KSMC50SPL KSMC50 SOLID STATE KSMC50S-1 KSM50HDPBK0 (Imperial Black) KG25H0XWH4 (White) KG25H0XBK4 KG25H0XER4 (Empire Red) KG25H0XMC4 (Metallic Chrome) KG25H7XWH4 KG25H7XOB4 (Onyx) KG25H7XER4 KG25H7XSL4 (Silver) KG25G 4KG25G 4KG25G0XWH4 4KG25G0XMC4 4KG25G7XWH4 4KG25G7XER4 4KG25G7XOB4 4KG25G7XSL4 KSM500PSWH0 KSM500PSER0 KSM500PSOB0 KSM500PSSM0 K4SSWH0 KSM450BK0 KSM450ER0 KSM500SM0 KSM500ER0 KSM500OB0 KSM500WH0 KSM500QWH0 KSM500QER0 KSM500QOB0 KSM500QSM0 KSM500QAC0 (Almond Creme)
  • Will fit: KSM500QBW0 (Blue Willow) KSM500QBF0 (Buttercup) KSM500QGC0 (Gloss Cinnamon) KSM455PSSM0 KG25H0XWH5 KG25H0XBK5 KG25H0XOB5 KG25H0XER5 KG25H0XMC5 KG25H7XWH5 KG25H7XOB5 KG25H7XER5 KG25H7XSL5 KG25H3XWH5 KG25H3XOB5 KG25H3XER5 KG25H3XSL5 4KG25H3XER5 4KG25H3XOB5 4KG25H3XSL5 4KG25H3XWH5
  • Backed by technical support from K A Parts Limited.

The burnished version will replace the usual plastic coated variety. It is made from the same aluminium that the coated version is manufactured from but then polished rather than being coated. If washed in some dishwashers it will turn a grey colour and lose its shine. NOT DISHWASHER SAFE/ HAND WASH ONLY

Price: £19.99 Out of stock
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